2020 Season Countdown: #58 Blake Corum

2020 Season Countdown: #58 Blake Corum

July 19, 2020
Blake Corum

Name: Blake Corum
193 lbs.
High school:
Baltimore (MD) St. Frances
Running back
Jersey number:
Last year:
Corum was a senior in high school (LINK). He ran 145 times for 1,266 yards and 19 touchdowns.
TTB Rating:

Running backs always get a lot of attention and hype, and Corum is no exception due to his running style and production against high-level opponents, such as Santa Ana (CA) Mater Dei. He ended up as a 4-star, the #12 running back, and #128 overall and played in the All-American Bowl.

Corum enrolled early at Michigan, which didn’t help with practice time because of the coronavirus pandemic. On the plus side, Corum has posted videos of himself doing some tough workouts on his own, and he’s going to be 20 years old by the time the 2020 season wraps. (By contrast, Giles Jackson played his 2019 season at the age of 17.)

Corum’s freshman season will probably be pretty boring from a playing time perspective. Last year’s co-starters (Zach Charbonnet and Hassan Haskins) both return, as does former starter Chris Evans, who was suspended in 2019. Corum will probably be the fourth running back, at least if he can beat out Christian Turner, which I think he can. That should help him get his feet wet for a bigger role in 2021.

Prediction: Backup running back

Hit the jump for some highlights from his 2019 season.


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    Jul 19, 2020 at 12:10 PM

    This kid has a ton of potential under Gattis! Looking forward to how we try getting him touches; the more we try, the more the. Coaches know

    I didn’t know he was so old though. IMO and – no offense Lank, it’s not a prediction – an older player (esp RB) is more likely to transfer if caught in a logjam. Dude’s shelf life for the NFL is at stake

    • Comments: 6285
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      Jul 20, 2020 at 12:32 PM

      “an older player is more likely to transfer if caught in a logjam” – a reasonable statement

      “doubtful he sticks around. I see him transferring, if injuries don’t clear the path immediately. I don’t think he has the patience to wait. did you see how he played as a redshirt freshman? – woof” – a targeted slam of a teenager who has done nothing to deserve it

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    Jul 19, 2020 at 1:05 PM

    Simply speculating here obviously, but I suspect Charbonnet and Haskins to be the main guys.
    Evans as a big question mark in that does Gattis use him as a receiver/rb? What kind of condition is he in?
    Corum will likely see 4 games if the season lasts that long and more as needed in case of injury/virus complications.
    Turner is the one on the bench trying to prove he can hold on to the ball and break into the secondary. Wildcard.
    I think this RB room is much more talented than some we have seeen in recent years.

    • Comments: 3845
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      Jul 19, 2020 at 2:56 PM

      I would guess that Evans is in approximately the same shape as anybody else right now after everyone had to sit out the spring.

      I think we’re going to see a little more two-back offense this year, using Evans as a guy who motions into or out of the backfield. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Giles Jackson take more snaps at receiver and Evans get more snaps in ways like Jackson was used.

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    Jul 20, 2020 at 12:49 PM

    I think Jackson will be ahead of Corum in the RB pecking order.

    Agree with Thunder that the coaches will look for creative ways to put some of their talented backs on the field but WR has lots of talent too. We also still saw a lot of 2TE personnel last year.

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