Highlights: Michigan 35, Notre Dame 31

Highlights: Michigan 35, Notre Dame 31

September 12, 2011

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    Sep 13, 2011 at 4:41 PM

    I'm back home on the west coast now after my sorta-annual return to AA for a game. Picked a good one this year, obvs, and as a added bonus I lucked into a connection through a friend-of-a-friend to get a sideline pass. I was right by most of the Michigan touchdowns and 'Tree landed almost at my feet on the last play. Amazing experience I'll never forget.

    The only potentially interesting stuff I have to share that isn't obvious 'wow what a game' stuff was:

    -Lot of recruits at the game obviously. Saw Godin and Obrien together in the tunnel before the game and they both looked real excited. Saw Banner, Payton, and a bunch of others dancing on benches and going nuts after the game. Many commits I recognized, many guys I didn't including some tall skinny guys who had to have been bball recruits.

    -Lot of alumni, noticed Navarre, Perry, and of course Woodson and Howard. Plus like 50 older white guys who I didn't recognize.

    -Steve Everett is an awesome dude. He was intense and surly the whole game and I never saw him talking to anyone on the sideline…that is until he got into a heated exchange with some front-row ND fans. Surprised he engaged them but it was fun to watch. I've noticed him at other games before but it was cool to get a sense for how he is during the game.

    -Team is pretty hype going through the tunnel, even for warmups (wasn't in there for the run out to touch the banner, but was earlier). 'Tree was the loudest and most excited and jumping all around. Great team guy. Hoke was a few feet behind the team yelling "get your asses out there! hurry it up!"

    -I thought it was pretty loud. I don't have any point of reference for on-field, but it seemed impossible to try to make an audible call to me once the crowd got into things in the 4th Q.

    Anyway, thought I'd share.

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