Michigan’s 2016 Pro Day Results

Michigan’s 2016 Pro Day Results

March 19, 2016
Jake Rudock 785x

Jake Rudock

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Oddly, Michigan held its Pro Day yesterday and not much was said about it. The hypemaster himself, Jim Harbaugh, didn’t drum up a lot of a media attention for once, so very little news has trickled out so far. Maybe he didn’t want to try to overshadow the Michigan basketball game against Notre Dame.

Anyway, a recap from Gil Brandt can be found here (LINK) and I’ll update news as more things come. I do expect other news, including about Sione Houma, Desmond Morgan, Joe Bolden, James Ross III, and others.

Hit the jump for the compiled results.

LB Joe Bolden
6’1″, 239 lbs.

C Graham Glasgow
Did not participate in measurements. Only did position drills.

DT Willie Henry
Did not participate in measurements. Only did position drills.

FB Sione Houma
5’11”, 252 lbs.

FB Joe Kerridge
6’0″, 245 lbs. 4.81 and 4.86 forty. 34.5″ vertical. 9’9″ broad jump. 4.23 shuttle. 7.05 three-cone drill. 24 bench press reps at 225 lbs.

LB Desmond Morgan
6’1″, 236 lbs. 4.81 forty. 32.5″ vertical. 9’4″ broad jump. 4.19 shuttle. 6.85 three-cone drill.

DE Mario Ojemudia
6’2″, 252 lbs.

LB James Ross III
5’10”, 239 lbs.

QB Jake Rudock
6’3″, 207 lbs. 4.85 and 4.91 forty. 29″ vertical. 9’3″ broad jump. 4.31 shuttle. 7.06 three-cone drill.

S Jarrod Wilson
6’1 1/4″, 209 lbs. 4.55 and 4.59 forty. 36″ vertical. 9’10” broad jump. 4.34 shuttle. 7.0 three-cone drill. 17 bench press reps at 225 lbs.


  1. Comments: 1863
    Joined: 1/19/2016
    Mar 19, 2016 at 4:38 PM

    Thunder, who do you see catching on as a FA?
    Making the final roster cut?

    • Comments: 3844
      Joined: 7/13/2015
      Mar 19, 2016 at 5:26 PM

      I think most of these undrafted guys will end up somewhere as UDFAs. That’s just what tends to happen for players at Michigan.

      Houma and Rudock are the most likely to make final roster cuts, I think. Houma’s a good RB/FB combo guy that can make a dent in the NFL, and Rudock’s Harbaugh experience should help him catch on as a #3 somewhere, I think.

      • Comments: 1863
        Joined: 1/19/2016
        Mar 19, 2016 at 9:15 PM

        Thanks, appreciate the response. Both are good calls… hard to believe Houma didn’t redshirt as a Fr

  2. Comments: 522
    Joined: 8/12/2015
    Mar 19, 2016 at 5:44 PM

    “Michigan Tech defensive lineman Tanner Agen …”

    My brother went to Michigan Tech. His interest in anything sports-related is so small it can’t be measured. Michigan Tech is not know for football, but apparently (after searching) there’s been a few that have made it to the NFL and had a career of it. Who knew? Certainly not me.

    I hope Sione Houma finds a home. I liked his pre-Michigan story; I was disappointed in how he was used pre-Harbaugh; I was pleased by Harbaugh’s use of him and his on-field success. So hoping he lands somewhere and has a career.

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