Self-Indulgent Post of the Week: Matthew Albanese

Self-Indulgent Post of the Week: Matthew Albanese

May 12, 2010
Matthew Albanese photography
The most recent Paste magazine highlighted the art of Matthew Albanese, a New Jersey native who creates landscape art from household items and the contents of his spice rack. True story. The above photograph isn’t an actual twister blowing through the Great Plains. The miniature set was created from steel wool, moss, and ground parsley.

There’s more neat stuff featured on Albanese’s website, like a Mars scene made from paprika and a volcano built from tile grout and cotton. Since I have no artistic skill whatsoever, I’m often enthralled by people who make unique art. Mr. Albanese seems to fit that category.

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    May 12, 2010 at 5:28 AM

    Pretty cool…but the lunar landscape is obviously missing the Michigan flag.

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