Statistical Analysis of 2012 Recruiting: By State

Statistical Analysis of 2012 Recruiting: By State

July 4, 2012

This is a little bit later than I normally post this series, but better late than never.  Using the 2012 Offer Board, I put together the above graph of Michigan offers from the 2012 class.  For a comparison to past years, you can look here.  Michigan sent out 193 recorded offers in 2012, which was essentially on par with the 195 offers in 2011 and 192 offers in 2010.
You can see that Iowa was a good place to recruit for Michigan’s coaches in 2012, mainly because Amara Darboh was the only guy they recruited from the state.
Otherwise, the states of Michigan and Ohio were very productive, with 75% and 32% success rates, respectively.  Much like in the state of Iowa, the coaching staff cherry-picked a few recruits from Kentucky (Jeremy Clark), Missouri (Jehu Chesson, Ondre Pipkins), Tennessee (Blake Bars), and Utah (Sione Houma).  The fertile recruiting grounds of California produced only one Michigan commit in the form of Erik Magnuson.
States included in the “Other” category, which produced zero commits, are:

– Alabama (1)

– Arizona (3)
– Colorado (4)
– District of Columbia (2)
– Florida (16)
– Georgia (11)
– Illinois (7)
– Indiana (3)
– Louisiana (1)
– Maryland (9)
– Massachusetts (3)
– Minnesota (2)
– New Jersey (7)
– New York (2)
– North Carolina (6)
– Oklahoma (1)
– Pennsylvania (8)
– South Carolina (4)
– Texas (22)
– Virginia (2)
– Washington (2)
– Wisconsin (2)
The lack of success in Florida is obviously a contrast to the Rich Rodriguez years, but Florida was also targeted much less by Brady Hoke.  Hoke sent 16 offers out in Florida this past recruiting cycle, while Rodriguez typically offered 40+.

The five states where Michigan threw out double-digit offers in 2012 were Ohio (28), Texas (22), California (19), Michigan (12), and Georgia (11).  Michigan and Ohio were obviously roaring successes, but the other three states combined for one commitment (Magnuson) out of 52 offers.

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