Poll results: Who was Michigan’s 2015 MVP?

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6Mar 2016
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Poll results: Who was Michigan’s 2015 MVP?

Gentry Morris Rudockx

Zach Gentry, Shane Morris, and Jake Rudock

Several weeks ago, I posted a poll asking, Who was the MVP of Michigan’s 2015 season? Here were the results of the poll:

QB Jake Rudock: 77%

WR Jehu Chesson: 9%

CB Jourdan Lewis: 9%

S Jabrill Peppers: 2%

TE Jake Butt: 1%

Other: 1%

DL Willie Henry: 1%

DL Chris Wormley: 1%

(Yes, I realize that because of rounding, the percentages add up to 101%.)

My vote went to Jake Rudock, who struggled early but played extremely well during the second half of the season. With any other quarterback on the roster leading the team, Michigan wouldn’t have approached 10 wins, in my opinion. I don’t know if the same can be said about any other individual player.

What’s your argument for your pick?

13Feb 2016
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Poll results: How do you check for comments/replies on TTB posts?

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A couple weeks ago, I posted a poll asking how people checked for comments and replies on posts. Surprisingly to me, 83% of of respondents said that they check posts repeatedly. I’ve wondered how people went about it, because some people get very involved in discussions, and others seem to make a comment and then leave the conversation alone. And most people simply don’t comment at all. Here were the results of the poll:

Manually by checking post repeatedly: 83%
If readers comment in a post/thread, it looks like most of them check back for responses simply by coming back to click on the thread.

Using sidebar widge for recent replies: 12%
A small-ish percentage check for replies using the sidebar widget for recent replies. Maybe some people haven’t looked or noticed, and maybe some people dont’ find it that helpful. But on the sidebar, there is a tool to check for recent comments. So in case you want to see who has been replying to you or commenting on other threads, check out that widget.

Other: 5%
I would be curious to know the “other” ways that 5% of people check for comments and replies.

Receive responses by e-mail: 0%
Only one voter mentioned using the option to receive replies by e-mail. That can also be an option if you’re using the Forum (LINK).

What comments or suggestions do you have about commenting or using different ways to follow discussions?

1Jan 2016
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Poll results: Who will win the Citrus Bowl?

Here are the results of the poll that I asked a couple weeks ago: Who will win the Citrus Bowl between Michigan and Florida?

Michigan by 14 points or fewer: 77%
Michigan by 14+ points: 14%
Florida by 14 points or fewer: 8%
Florida by 14+ points: 1%

As I post this right now, it’s 17-7 Michigan in the third quarter.

28Mar 2015
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Poll results: Who is the best in-state player in Michigan?

Detroit (MI) King wide receiver Donnie Corley (image via 247Sports.com)

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A few weeks ago, I posted a poll asking: Who is the best in-state player in the 2016 class? I posted my own opinion shortly after National Signing Day (LINK).

Here are the results of the poll:

Donnie Corley – WR – Detroit (MI) King: 34%

Daelin Hayes – LB – Ann Arbor (MI) Skyline: 31%

Matt Falcon – RB – Southfield (MI) Southfield: 10%

Khalid Kareem – DE – Farmington Hills (MI) Harrison: 8%

Michael Jordan – OT – Plymouth (MI) Plymouth: 7%

Lavert Hill – CB – Detroit (MI) King: 5%

Other: 2%