2016 Scholarship Count

2016 Scholarship Count

March 2, 2016

Players are listed in order of remaining eligibility. With 85 scholarships allotted, Michigan is now at its scholarship limit. As for the 2017 recruiting class, 19 seniors are scheduled to graduate, so it should be a decent-sized class.


Hit the jump for the breakdown by class.

  • WR Brad Hawkins, Jr. did not qualify and is attending prep school
  • LB Dytarious Johnson did not qualify and is attending prep school
  • WR Jaron Dukes left the football program
  • CB Reon Dawon left the football program
  • I updated the chart using the released spring roster
  • WR Da’Mario Jones is transferring
  • OL Blake Bars left the football program
  • DE Tom Strobel is transferring to Ohio
  • RB Ross Taylor-Douglas is transferring to Rutgers

REDSHIRT SENIORS = 11 (Final season 2016)
RB Drake Johnson
OL Ben Braden
OL Kyle Kalis
OL Erik Magnuson
WR Jehu Chesson
WR Amara Darboh
DT Matt Godin
DT Ryan Glasgow
DT Chris Wormley
CB Jeremy Clark

P/K Kenny Allen
FB Bobby Henderson
TE Michael Jocz
OL Ben Pliska
S A.J. Pearson

SENIORS = 8 (Final season 2016)
RB DeVeon Smith
TE Jake Butt
DE Taco Charlton
LB Ben Gedeon
CB Jourdan Lewis
CB Channing Stribling
S Delano Hill
S Dymonte Thomas

REDSHIRT JUNIORS = 11 (Final season 2017)
QB Shane Morris
QB John O’Korn
RB Ty Isaac
RB Wyatt Shallman
FB Khalid Hill

TE Henry Poggi

OL David Dawson
OL Patrick Kugler
DT Maurice Hurst, Jr.
LB Mike McCray II
LS Scott Sypniewski
QB Garrett Moores
WR Kenneth Sloss
WR Jack Wangler
OL Greg Froelich
DE Michael Wroblewski
DT Garrett Miller
CB Anthony Dalimonte

JUNIORS = 2 (Final season 2017)
WR Freddy Canteen
OL Mason Cole

REDSHIRT SOPHOMORES = 13 (Final season 2018)
QB Wilton Speight
FB Brady Pallante
WR Drake Harris
WR Maurice Ways
TE Ian Bunting
OL Juwann Bushell-Beatty
DE Lawrence Marshall
DT Bryan Mone

LB Noah Furbush
LB Jared Wangler
TE Chase Winovich

CB Brandon Watson
S Jabrill Peppers

QB Matt Thompson
RB Joe Hewlett
FB Joe Beneducci
FB Brian Chu
FB Nick Volk
WR Austin Brenner
LB Alex Kaminski
CB Matt Mitchell
LS Andrew Robinson

SOPHOMORES = 4 (Final season 2018)
RB Karan Higdon
WR Grant Perry
OL Grant Newsome
S Tyree Kinnel

REDSHIRT FRESHMEN = 9 (Final season 2019)
QB Alex Malzone
TE Zach Gentry

TE Tyrone Wheatley, Jr.
OL Jon Runyan, Jr.
OL Nolan Ulizio
DE Shelton Johnson
LB Reuben Jones
CB Keith Washington
K Andrew David
FB Spencer Dickow
WR Brendan White
TE Kenneth Ferris
OL Logan Pratt
DE Joseph Files
DE Cheyenn Robertson
LB Jack Dunaway
LB Dontae Mauricio
LB Jameson Offerdahl
LB Chris Terech
LB Tommy Whitted
CB Taylor Krupp
S Jordan Glasgow
S Louis Grodman
S Jacob West
LS Bradley Deeg
K James Foug
P Ryan Tice

FRESHMEN = 27 (Final season 2019)
QB Brandon Peters
RB Kingston Davis
RB Chris Evans
RB Kareem Walker
TE Devin Asiasi
TE Nick Eubanks

TE Sean McKeon
WR Dylan Crawford

WR Nate Johnson

WR Eddie McDoom
WR Ahmir Mitchell
OL Ben Bredeson
OL Michael Onwenu
OL Stephen Spanellis

DE Ron Johnson
DE Carlo Kemp
DE Joshua Uche

DT Michael Dwumfour
DT Rashan Gary
LB Devin Bush, Jr.
LB Devin Gil

LB Elysee Mbem-Bosse

CB Lavert Hill
CB David Long, Jr.
S Khaleke Hudson

S Josh Metellus
K Quinn Nordin
QB Peter Bush
WR Kerrick Hahn
WR Nate Schoenle
TE Dane Drobocky
TE Conner Edmonds
TE Daniel Jokisch
TE Simeon Smith
OL Anthony Kay
OL Andrew Vastardis
DE Carl Myers
S Tyler Cochran
S Tru Wilson
LS Camaron Cheeseman
P Will Hart


  1. Avatar
    Comments: 177
    Joined: 9/3/2015
    suduri xusai
    Dec 06, 2015 at 2:40 PM

    Several upperclassmen who made 0 contribution. Time for some firm handshakes and new guys to replace them. I can see around 10 guys who should leave.

    • JC
      Comments: 230
      Joined: 8/17/2015
      Dec 06, 2015 at 4:20 PM

      Ten? I can see 4.

      • Avatar
        Comments: 177
        Joined: 9/3/2015
        suduri xusai
        Dec 06, 2015 at 5:50 PM

        That’s you. I think we can wave bye to Shane Morris, Derrick Green, Ty Isaac, Terry Richardson, Ross Taylor-Douglass, Jaron Dukes, Reon Dawson, and Brady Pallantine. At least 3 years in the program, no contribution.

        Wilton Speight and Alex Malzone can leave too if they can’t cut it. We got plenty of QBs with more coming in. Can’t have all these guys on the roster making 0 contribution over the years.

        • Thunder
          Comments: 2957
          Joined: 7/13/2015
          Dec 06, 2015 at 6:07 PM

          Your definition of “no contribution” is different than mine, and probably different than a lot of people’s. Morris, Green, and Isaac have played quite a bit. Green was our leading rusher until he got hurt last year. Isaac is perhaps our most talented running back. Furthermore, Wilton Speight led a comeback against Minnesota that probably would have been a loss if anyone else had taken over for the injured Jake Rudock. No contribution? We’re 8-4 without him, not 9-3. That’s not nothing when you’re talking about a redshirt freshman, backup QB.

          • Avatar
            Comments: 177
            Joined: 9/3/2015
            suduri xusai
            Dec 06, 2015 at 6:19 PM

            Yes, ok. Wilton Speight’s fine. Maybe even Derrick Green although he’s done a very little this year. But you do get my point though right? A lot of guys, several years in, but very little contribution.

          • Avatar
            Comments: 104
            Joined: 10/22/2015
            Dec 06, 2015 at 7:38 PM

            Don’t you think Green and Issac will transfer out at the end of the season? We’ll take em at UNLV!

        • Avatar
          Comments: 146
          Joined: 9/15/2015
          Dec 06, 2015 at 7:41 PM

          its not the pros so your scenario doesnt really jive, colleges cant just cut scholarship players in years 1-4. im assuming you understand this concept and are suggesting the coaches gently nudge these players out the door?

          they can and should give firm handshakes to guys like richardson, bars, gant, etc – if theyre not expected to start, significantly contribute or desperately needed for depth, both parties should move on.

          it would obviously benefit the programs depth and future prospects if guys like jones, dukes, morris, dawson, douglas, etc were to leave / transfer since they have not yet impacted games and remain highly unlikely to do so, but the coaches cant just cut them. while i agree theyd likely be better off cutting ties with 10-20 guys on current roster and replacing with other potentially more talented guys, the same can prob be said of most teams at most times (not to mention it may not be legal or possible).

          the best programs not only have talented coaches to find and develop the best possible players, but they also make the hard choices (some of which many m fans would frown upon) when molding their roster. good programs understand all 85 matter and act accordingly.

          good programs effectively recruit and develop but they also efficiently, and often ruthlessly (in minds of some), manage their 85 – trimming fat whenever possible may turn off some but its necessary to build most competitive, talented teams. the best programs attempt to cycle through classes as efficiently and as quickly as possible in order to maximize scholarship athletes on campus – redshirting sparingly and usually only with certain positions (ie OL, QB, etc), or redshirting in significant developmental situations or under injury circumstances, etc. (every personnel decision made to field most competitive squad that particular fall yet with an eye always on the future).

          theres a huge difference bw signing 80-100 players and 100-125 players over 4 year period – more players cycled though the program increases odds of finding big impact guys and future pros and also helps offset both the natural hit ratio associated with recruiting and the impact misses, busts, injuries, transfers, suspensions, etc have on teams roster depth.

          it sounds like harbaugh openly informs all players they must earn their roster spots and no ones guaranteed 5th years (which is how they must operate if the goal really is championship rings) – so id be surprised if they retain all available 5th years and all underclassmen buried on depth chart return

          • Avatar
            Comments: 31
            Joined: 11/17/2015
            Dec 07, 2015 at 10:29 AM

            Unless the scholarship is for 4 years, colleges can ‘cut’ players. Most scholarships are for just one year, it’s just that they are almost always renewed. Most colleges don’t ‘cut’ players cause it wouldn’t look good.

        • Avatar
          Comments: 19
          Joined: 10/16/2015
          Vienna Jack
          Mar 03, 2016 at 9:14 AM

          At least Derrick Green and Ross Taylor-Douglass are already gone.

    • Avatar
      Comments: 142
      Joined: 8/12/2015
      Dec 06, 2015 at 7:07 PM

      I’m with you Xusai !!!… I can count even half dozen more non-contributors just taking up schollies!

      • Thunder
        Comments: 2957
        Joined: 7/13/2015
        Dec 06, 2015 at 7:10 PM

        You will find non-contributors on even the best of teams – Ohio State, Alabama, Michigan State, Stanford, etc. It’s a part of college football. You simply can’t have 85 contributors on one team.

        • Avatar
          Comments: 177
          Joined: 9/3/2015
          suduri xusai
          Dec 06, 2015 at 9:57 PM

          Can’t have non-contributors as 5th year seniors. They should also see for themselves that if they can’t crack the two deep in 3~4 years they should move on.

  2. Avatar
    Comments: 142
    Joined: 8/12/2015
    Dec 06, 2015 at 7:06 PM

    Blake Bars… who is Blake Bars!!

    Jettison a bunch of these malcontents…if ND was on the schedule we would have lost to them too…when will we defeat one of hated rivals??!!!

  3. Avatar
    Comments: 1046
    Joined: 8/11/2015
    Dec 06, 2015 at 8:33 PM

    2017 is looking like a very scary year unless a whole lot of guys develop quickly. We have a lot of senior talent for 2016, but after that, we drop off a cliff at most positions, Oline being especially worrisome.

    • Avatar
      Comments: 177
      Joined: 9/3/2015
      suduri xusai
      Dec 06, 2015 at 8:51 PM

      I realize that, but hopely with better coaching a lot of guys will step up by 2017. But we can’t think that far right now besides addressing that problem in recruiting. I think Michigan will certainly do that.

      The focus has to be in 2016, and the roster is looking like a upperclassmen-heavy roster with a good chance of making improvements across the board. Drop some dead weights, add Kareem Walker, Rashan Gary and other talented freshmen and we’ll be good.

  4. CrangSr
    Comments: 8
    Joined: 12/2/2015
    Dec 06, 2015 at 10:17 PM

    I understand what suduri and coachernie mean, but don’t agree with them. In reality, unless you want to be lumped in with Bama and the rest of the SEC and their practices, you can’t just do that. I’m all for the firm handshake of 5th year seniors who have not or will not see the field at all. Of that group Bars, Strobel and maybe Richardson qualify. I also see nothing wrong with the coaching staff letting the players know exactly where they stand on the depth chart. If they decide to seek more playing time who can blame them. So if we get Speight and Malzone to leave, after O’Korn and Moriris we have two redshirt freshman at QB.I would assume you did not watch the Big XII Championship. Baylor had a WR playing QB, because they had lost their top 3 QB’s to injury during the season. We are at 91 scholarships and rumour has it we’re taking 5 more. That means 11 players need to transfer, quit football or get medical hardships. I can’t see Harbaugh pulling a Saban, so I’m sure there will be some attrition by the end of the next semester. Will Morris stay if he’s 3rd on the depth chart? Dukes and Jones have been passed by freshman Perry and have only 2 receptions between them. It is more than likely a bunch will transfer after the next semester when they realize they won’t ever see the field.

    • Avatar
      Comments: 177
      Joined: 9/3/2015
      suduri xusai
      Dec 06, 2015 at 11:01 PM

      I agree. I am not for forceful cutting a la LSU or Alabama. All I want is a clean-up of guys who didn’t contribute in several years and will never get to play, which I assume will naturally happen.

      Harbaugh should let them know what’s up and they should leave on their own. And Harbaugh must sign big classes to clean up the roster. He’s pretty much doing just that.

  5. Avatar
    Comments: 1171
    Joined: 8/13/2015
    Dec 07, 2015 at 6:27 AM

    Viramontes be gone evidently.

    Must have decided he didn’t want to be a LB

    • Avatar
      Comments: 177
      Joined: 9/3/2015
      suduri xusai
      Dec 07, 2015 at 12:23 PM

      Bad idea, I think. Should’ve stuck with Harbaugh and try out different positions. It’s one of those things with QB prospects — they are used to the spotlight and all think they can become NFL QBs.

  6. Avatar
    Comments: 1171
    Joined: 8/13/2015
    Jan 15, 2016 at 4:08 PM

    Adios, Derrick Green

  7. Avatar
    Comments: 1171
    Joined: 8/13/2015
    Jan 28, 2016 at 4:57 PM

    Adios Brian Cole. Which likely explains a midweek visit from Isaiah Simmons who I’d take in a minute if only because he’s another guy that seemingly just loves to hit people.

  8. Avatar
    Comments: 1171
    Joined: 8/13/2015
    Feb 03, 2016 at 4:58 PM

    by my count, signing day dust having settled, we are over signed by 5. This includes Tom Stroble to Ohio. Yeah, Ohio. as opposed to Ohio State.

  9. Avatar
    Comments: 1171
    Joined: 8/13/2015
    Mar 03, 2016 at 5:54 AM

    Dytarious Johnson is as yet unsigned. I’m assuming this means that he can’t get past admissions ….. yet ….. hopefully, so I’m at 88.

    I believe that Glasgow and Sypniewski serve at the pleasure of the coaching staff. 86.

    • Thunder
      Comments: 2957
      Joined: 7/13/2015
      Mar 03, 2016 at 6:33 AM

      Sypniewski’s on scholarship. Kenny Allen was initially a walk-on.

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