Michigan’s 10 Longest Plays vs. Rutgers

Michigan’s 10 Longest Plays vs. Rutgers

September 18, 2023
Jabrill Peppers (#5, image via Saturday Tradition)

Michigan has only played Rutgers eight times throughout history and has a 7-1 record against the Scarlet Knights. They first played in 2014. Here you can reminisce about the ten longest plays against Rutgers.

  1. Giles Jackson 95-yard kickoff return TD (2020)
  2. Jabrill Peppers 63-yard TD run (2016)
  3. Chris Evans 61-yard TD run (2018)
  4. Jake Rudock 56-yard pass to Jake Butt (2015)
  5. Chris Evans 56-yard run (2016)
  6. Cade McNamara 51-yard pass to Mike Sainristil (2021)
  7. Karan Higdon 49-yard run (2017)
  8. Shea Patterson 48-yard pass to Nico Collins (2019)
  9. Cade McNamara 46-yard TD pass to Cornelius Johnson (2020)
  10. Donovan Edwards 46-yard run (2022)

Hit the jump for videos of Jackson, Peppers, and Evans.

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