Recruiting Roundup: Tight Ends

Recruiting Roundup: Tight Ends

December 7, 2009
Alex Smith wrinkles his nose as he watches Mike Barwis eat an opposing band member whole.
Michigan’s coaches aren’t particularly intent on getting a tight end in this class. Only three have been offered, and Michigan hasn’t put up much of a fight with any of them except Alex Smith. Alex Smith is a bit wishy-washy. He committed to Cincinnati then sorta decommitted but not really and then really decommitted and, inexplicably, when it became clear that Cincinnati was turning into a powerhouse, he committed to North Carolina.

In 2009, many fans had a crazy notion that it would be the “Year of the Tight End” for Michigan. I had a spirited discussion with several Michigan fanatics that insisted Kevin Koger would approximate Missouri’s Chase Coffman or Oklahoma’s Jemaine Gresham. Instead, Koger ended the year with 16 catches for 220 yards and 2 touchdowns. Those numbers aren’t chump change, but they’re certainly not indicative of Rich Rodriguez becoming enthralled with the tight end position.

Koger will be a junior in 2010 and his backup, Martell Webb, will be a senior. The only other tight end on the roster will be redshirt sophomore Brandon Moore, so I think the coaching staff will recruit tight ends more heavily in 2011.

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    Huntington Wolverine
    Dec 08, 2009 at 6:50 PM

    It could've been the year of the tight end if both TEs hadn't had a case of the dropsies right in the middle of the season… wonder what numbers Koger and Webb both would have had even if they caught those and had no YAC?

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