Who’s available in the 2020 transfer portal?

Who’s available in the 2020 transfer portal?

December 13, 2019
Devery Hamilton (image via Twitter)

Some interesting names have popped up in the transfer portal recently. It’s impossible to keep up with this stuff – so don’t expect anything superhuman – but it’s something interesting to consider for Michigan, who could use some immediate help at defensive tackle (if Carlo Kemp leaves) and cornerback, if not other spots.

So here, my friends, is a list of players transferring who were offered by Michigan out of high school, as well as some notes on a few of them.

RB Amir Rasul (Florida State)
RB Mychale Salahuddin (Pitt)
RB Tavion Thomas (Cincinnati)
WR Scott Bracey (Duke)
WR Cam Chambers (Michigan State)
WR Tre’Shaun Harrison (Florida State)
WR Brian Hightower (Miami)
WR Theo Howard (UCLA)
WR Justin Shorter (Penn State)
TE Grayson Boomer (Oklahoma State)
OT Kellen Diesch (Texas A&M)*
OT Devery Hamilton (Stanford)*
OT J.P. Urquidez (Texas)
DE Isaiah Chambers (Houston)
DE Robert Porcher IV (Virginia Tech)
DT Michael Thompson (Stanford)
DT Michael Williams (Stanford)
LB Robert Beal (Georgia)
LB Will Ignont (Tennessee)
LB Jonathan Jones (Notre Dame)*
LB Jonathan Smith (North Carolina)
CB Jamyest Williams (South Carolina)

A few notes on some of these guys:

  • There were rumors that Cincinnati RB Tavion Thomas would have come to Michigan if not for some circumstances that prevented it.
  • Florida State WR Tre’Shaun Harrison was the subject of one of my posts on the most impressive highlight films in the class of 2017 (LINK).
  • Stanford OT Devery Hamilton was committed to Michigan at one point (LINK).
  • Virginia Tech DE/DT Robert Porcher IV is the son of former Detroit Lion Robert Porcher…III.
  • Rumors have already been swirling about Stanford DT Michael Williams being interested in Michigan. He’s a two-year starter for the Cardinal.
  • Notre Dame LB Jonathan Jones took a loooong visit to Michigan and was very close to being a Wolverine. (He also attempted to jump on the blocked punt in the Notre Dame game, which gave Michigan some momentum in the blowout win this year.)


  1. Avatar
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    Dec 13, 2019 at 3:36 PM

    Definitely want us to look closely at the portal, every year

  2. Lanknows
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    Dec 13, 2019 at 3:45 PM

    Good info.

    To me it really depends on who is coming and going at Michigan.

    DT is the most obvious spot but if Kemp, Dumfour, Hinton, Smith are all back there’s not much room.

    WR makes sense only if DPJ and Collins follow Black out the door.

    CB is an interesting one.

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